A teenage Mother participating actively during an accelerated learning program at Hope for Teenage Mothers - Mukuru CentreA Teenage mother holds her 9 months baby  in Reuben Centre, as she trains in Knitting 

Is your teenage daughter pregnant? If she is, she isn’t alone. If not, she could be next……..


Teenage pregnancy and subsequent motherhood presents a major challenge on a person so young and without any social support, including that of a family.


Chances that your teenage daughter could become pregnant and drop out of school much earlier than you previously thought possible has become increasingly real.

Shockingly, the age at which girls are falling pregnant has dropped to as low as 10. It is a new world and the young have become more daring.  

What is more shocking is that even grown men, including teachers and male relatives are also on the rampage, targeting teenage girls.


In a small slum in Nairobi, one parent has been gutted by news that her daughter, a minor is pregnant. And she is not alone.

 In the slum, parents are bewildered that so many girls most of them hardly 14 get pregnant and drop out of school, all of them at the same time. 

Close to 320 pupils aged between 10 and 15 in Mukuru Kwa Reuben slum are either pregnant or have recently given birth.

The shock and disbelief in the village could easily be replicated in many other parts of the country.

 Teachers, touts and business tycoons are blamed for ensnaring unsuspecting school girls. But the rest of the society also has its own share of the blame. Parents are occasionally blamed of sending their teenage girls to “look” for money where the children are beaten if they do not bring money home.  
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