Oxford English Dictionary defines a woman as an adult human female.....................

Teenage girls acquire this title  as soon as they conceive.



Mwende and her child
HTM will bring you stories of three women  who have risen above their misfortunes  to become stronger individuals.



No matter how strong you are, were you to wake up to the news that your teenage daughter is pregnant, the news would  probably leave you numb if not in denial....at this point, it would seem as if your life and marriage life is over.It is especially difficult if she  has special needs. Some parents become very bitter  and mourn for their girl child, some even denounce her.......but there are others who manage  to shake off the occurence after some time to support the girl by encouraging her to face the future with renewed confidence.

It is the story of Lucy Mwende, a teenage  mother at Mukuru slums in Nairobi that has moved me to tears.Her story and the hope that  her mother and her have  has been a source of inspiration to this project.

Mwende was born with down syndrome, a condition that is associated with some impairment of cognitive growth. After delivering at the age of 13 years, she became more traumatised and she now dumb. Her aging mother accompanys her to all HTM meetings, carrying her  grand daughter on her back.

HTM will bring you a full story of Mwende and two other teenage mothers.

" .....the television and newspaper brings you everything as it is, and so does HTM......but until you set a journey there, you will never experience the atmosphere.......or in few words.......just how blessed you are".........There is no manual to treat your teenage daughter who drops out of school after pregnancy.....it is up to the two of you to develop a rhythm that works better for you and your grand child.


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Teenage Mothers find Hope in us
Written by Hope   
Friday, 18 September 2009

A teen mum and her daughter

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Teenage Pregnancy and subsequent motherhood

Teen mums in a knitting and dressmaking class at Mukuru

presents a major challenge to a girlchild


without any social support from family, friends and community.

Empower needy teenage mothers now.


Help them rewrite their future.


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