Hope for Teenage Mothers (HTM) is an organization working with and for teenage mothers. Its inception Teenage Motherswas inspired by a chance meeting of like-minded people who shared their concerns of the plight of teenage child mothers. They decided to act by initiating a program aimed at bringing meaningful change into the lives of these children.

The breakdown of traditional social norms and social order has led to rapid increase in cases of child abuse in Kenya. The prevalence of HIV / AIDS has added another dimension. Some men now believe young girls are not infected with the virus. Consequently, they use all forms of persuasion including force to have sexual relations with young school girls. In urban areas like Nairobi, the “Matatu culture” of drugs and carefree life among the youth has contributed greatly to teenage pregnancies.Teenagers who are prone to teenage pregnancies and consequent motherhood are in the age bracket of ten to eighteen years. They are to be found in upper classes in primary schools and all classes in secondary schools. Others are out of school due to various reasons. For those in school, pregnancy and subsequent motherhood means termination of education for most of then. For those who are not discontinued from schooling, they have to cope with stigma from peers, neighbors and close family members. This stigma impacts negatively on their mental health. It also affects their class performance. 


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