Teenage Mothers in class

Ruth Muthoni (not her real name) told HTM she was kicked out of  her public high school at the Mukuru slums when she became pregnant at the age of 16.

Although she will be able to complete her secondary education in a special school for teenage mothers at Reuben Centre, created with Hope for Teenage Mothers support next year that is not the norm for pregnant drop-outs in Kenya’s country of 38 million, most of whom never make it back to school. 


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Teenage Mothers find Hope in us
Written by Hope   
Friday, 18 September 2009

A teen mum and her daughter

To make an online donation, visit http://www.globalgiving.com/projects/empowerment-of-teenage-mothers/

Teenage Pregnancy and subsequent motherhood

Teen mums in a knitting and dressmaking class at Mukuru

presents a major challenge to a girlchild


without any social support from family, friends and community.

Empower needy teenage mothers now.


Help them rewrite their future.


Support a program


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What do teen mums in your community need?
What are you planning to do for needy teenage mothers (from Kenya)

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